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Jockey Club Lodge of Rising Sun

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Background and Objectives

Jockey Club Lodge of Rising Sun (LRS) has been providing drug abusers with in-patient and out-patient treatment and rehabilitation services since 2003. Under the influence of drugs, drug abusers suffer from setbacks and alienation, affecting their self-image seriously and undermining their potentials. Therefore, we are devoted to helping them explore their forgotten positive stories, such as their neglected successful experiences, happy memories, close relationships with family and friends, etc., in order to awaken their hidden potentials and happiness and broaden their mind and horizons, leading them to the accumulation of positive energy for resisting drugs.



Service Targets

In-patient service:

  • Male drug abusers aged under 35


Out-patient service:

  • Any drug abusers aged under 35


Service Contents

LRS's treatment and rehabilitation services are divided into three phases: 


1. Activation phase:

Through detoxification, adjusting lifestyle, reviewing those wonderful and impressive episodes and relationships in life and discovering their hidden values, etc., the in-patients are facilitated to establish a foundation leading to a positive life.

2. Internship phase:

Inmates are offered the chances of going out of our residential setting and working in the community in order to help them gradually adapt to their community life and, being supported by our professional team (including social workers, doctors and nurses) apply their wisdom and skills acquired in the activation phase to overcome the constantly emerging temptations of drugs and life challenges.

3. Practical phase:

Assisting those in-patients who have reintegrated into society to practice and modify the wisdom and skills acquired from the previous phases, handling the challenges arising in their new lives and establishing interpersonal networks and activities which are conducive to a drug-free life.



Service Application

People who are in need may call or visit our Lodge. They may also be referred by social workers or other professionals to us. Referral forms can be downloaded from LRS's website or obtained through phone contacts.



Service fee

Out-patient service (counselling):

  • Free of charge


Out-patient service (medical consultation):

  • $67


In-patient service:

  • $100 / day


Service Termination

Service users may request withdrawal from the service at any time; however, discussions with our social workers are encouraged before withdrawal.


Opening Hours

Out-patient service (counselling):

By appointment


Out-patient service (medical consultation):

By appointment


In-patient service:

24-hour service



Contact Us
  • 33, Tsing Wun Road, Tuen Mun, New Territories, Hong Kong
  • 2468 0044
  • 2468 0555